The Values of Mandela: 5 Things To Do On Mandela Day

By Raine St.Claire

Nelson Mandela, an emblem of resilience and compassion, left an enduring legacy that continues to inspire generations. Mandela’s resolute commitment and values of refusing to abandon hope or give up, recognising the futility of violence, embracing forgiveness, promoting connection through shared experiences, and leaving the past behind – continue to hold significance. As Mandela Day draws near on July 18, 2023, we are presented with a unique chance to honour his legacy by actively uplifting and empowering others.

By giving a little of your time each day to making a change that’s close to your heart or by giving a little of your time to make a difference to the life of someone else, you can start changing the world around you. There are so many ways to make a difference! No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day. Get involved! Either start a project, campaign or event, or volunteer. Here are some ideas to integrate Mandela’s values into our lives and provide practical ways in which we can contribute on Madiba’s birthday to make a meaningful impact within your communities.

1. Never Abandon Hope or Give Up:

Mandela’s life epitomised the triumph of hope in the face of adversity.
On Mandela Day, we can embody this value by supporting individuals and communities in need. One way to achieve this is by volunteering our time and skills at local organisations or charities. Whether it is tutoring disadvantaged children, assisting the elderly, or participating in community clean-up projects, our commitment to embrace unwavering hope can inspire others and foster positive change.

2.Violence is Not The Answer:

Mandela’s unwavering belief in non-violence reminds us of the power of peaceful resistance. By actively promoting peace and understanding within your communities by engaging in dialogue, organising workshops or seminars on conflict resolution, and supporting organisations that advocate for non-violence, are effective ways to instil this value in others. By promoting peaceful means of resolving disputes, we contribute to a more harmonious society.

3.Learn How to Forgive:

Forgiveness lies at the heart of Mandela’s transformative journey. We can help others embrace this value by initiating acts of reconciliation. Supporting mediation programmes, facilitating dialogues between conflicting parties, or reaching out to individuals who have experienced trauma or injustice can open doors to healing and forgiveness. By guiding others towards forgiveness, we empower them to break free from the chains of bitterness and forge a path towards reconciliation.

4.Bond By Sharing Experiences:

Mandela believed in the power of shared experiences to foster unity and understanding.
The ability of shared experiences to promote unity and comprehension is a potent force. On Mandela Day, we have the ability to create circumstances that allow individuals to unite and forge valuable bonds. Organising cultural exchange events, community picnics, or collaborative art projects encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their stories and learn from one another. By promoting empathy and bonding through shared experiences, we contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society.

5. Draw a Line Under Your Past:

Mandela’s ability to rise above his past is a testament to his commitment to progress. We can embrace this value by supporting programmes that empower individuals to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives . Volunteering at rehabilitation centres, mentoring programmes, or initiatives that provide job skills training can offer a fresh start to those who have faced challenges. By assisting others in drawing a line under their past, we empower them to shape a brighter future.

South African Organisations Making a Difference By Dedicating Their Time to Help Others.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation
The Nelson Mandela Foundation, as part of its Nelson Mandela International Day initiative for 2023, continues to support communities and action against poverty and inequality.
The 18th of July 2023 will mark 105 years since the birth of the Foundation’s founding patron and on Mandela Day this year, the Nelson Mandela Foundation will initiate a global commemoration of Nelson Mandela International Day along with a network of global partners who will be planting trees, and resourcing home-based/community food gardens across the world.

The global celebration will follow the sun as it traverses the globe (East to West), with networks participating on the 18th of July 2023 under the theme: “Climate, Food and Solidarity”, the call to action is “It is in your hands.”In South Africa, the Foundation and its South African partners will be capaciting a community food garden in Diepsloot, a community north of Johannesburg.In collaboration with their anchor partner Shoprite, the Nelson Mandela Foundation will support nine community food gardens across South Africa, one in each province. At the Mhani Gingi Vegetable Garden in Athlone, Cape Town, focusing on activities related to soil cultivation and more.

Habitat for Humanity Announces #BuildForMadiba 2023
As part of the #BuildForMadiba campaign, volunteers will once again come together across the country to construct sustainable housing solutions. Thaba’Nchu, Khayelitsha, and Orange Farm will be the main focus areas during the five-day period from July 17 to July 23, 2023. Habitat for Humanity has set a target of building 10, 3, and 5 new homes, respectively, in these areas. Through close collaboration with organisations such as the Nedbank Foundation, Old Mutual, Pernod Ricard, the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Habitat for Humanity aims to eradicate shelter poverty on a global scale. Volunteers will work alongside communities to construct sustainable housing solutions.

When asked about the feasibility of building 15 houses within a span of five days, the Interim National Director for Habitat for Humanity in South Africa explained that with adequate resources and meticulous planning, this goal can be accomplished. Each site will have up to 10 volunteers per day, and sponsor companies can contribute up to 50 volunteers. The groundwork, including laying foundation slabs and providing training and engagement for the community and homeowners, will be completed prior to the build. Over the five-day period, qualified construction personnel will work alongside volunteers to erect the basic structures, including the exterior and interior walls up to the roof plate. On July 18, esteemed dignitaries, including Hon. Ms. Mmamoloko Kubayi, National Minister of Human Settlements, will be invited to the Habitat for Humanity South Africa location in Thaba’Nchu to spend 67 minutes assisting with the construction of homes.

PinkDrive Campaign
PinkDrive will be providing free mammograms and papsmears at a community clinic. These services will be available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, where other initiatives will also be taking place. To add some much-needed comfort on freezing mornings, Vumatel, will be providing tea and coffee to patients in Johannesburg.

Top Click Media
Digital marketing agency, Top Click Media, is deeply committed to honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela through community service and engagement. This year, they are planning to dedicate 67 minutes (or more) of their team’s time to provide pro bono digital marketing services for a local nonprofit or charity. This initiative will involve helping them set up a social media campaign, improve their website’s SEO, or develop a content strategy, depending on their specific needs. This initiative is a key part of the corporate social responsibility programme, reflecting their commitment to giving back to the community and fostering digital literacy. They believe that these activities not only honour the spirit of Mandela Day but also align with their agency’s mission to empower organisations through effective digital marketing.

Project Flamingo
Project Flamingo will make history in performing their most breast cancer surgeries in a single day. Project Flamingo, a South African breast cancer NGO dedicated to providing life-saving surgeries, is set to achieve a remarkable milestone in its organisation’s history. On Saturday 15 July 2023, they will attempt an unprecedented effort by performing their highest number of breast cancer surgeries in a single day. This monumental endeavour, in support of Mandela Day, will take place at four public hospitals in the Western & Eastern Cape, impacting the lives of 27 individuals.

The success of this initiative is made possible by the generous donations of supporting funders, public donations, and the unwavering commitment of dedicated core teams of volunteer doctors and anaesthetists. These individuals, together with nursing & operational staff, will team up to provide life-saving surgeries at Groote Schuur Hospital (Cape Town), George Hospital (George), Cecilia Makiwane Hospital (East London), and Livingstone Hospital (Gqeberha). Contributing their expertise and time will make a significant difference in the lives of South African breast cancer patients.

“We always stand in awe of the generosity and kindness that is so typical of South Africans. Give us a problem, and we will find a solution,” says Dr. Liana Roodt, Co-Founder & Director of this initiative. “Project Flamingo is the ultimate example of what can be achieved if people share a common vision and goal – from highly qualified professionals offering their time and skill as volunteers, to the ordinary citizen making a small monetary contribution, packing a pamper pack or even just telling our story. At Project Flamingo, the true spirit of Mandela Day is alive and well,” she said.

Kellog’s South Africa 
To honour the legacy of this great leader, Kellogg’s in partnership with DHL will spend the morning serving breakfast to patients and nurses at Daveyton East Clinic in the East Rand, Johannesburg.This call to action aligns with Kellogg’s vision of a good and just world, where people are not just fed but fulfilled, and a mission of creating better days and a place at the table for everyone, through our trusted food brand,” says, Zandile Mposelwa, Corporate Affairs Director, Kellogg South Africa. As part of DHL’s drive to give back to local communities we are honoured to partner up with Kellogg’s this Mandela Day. As Nelson Mandela once said “There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return” says Bremer Pauw, Managing Director: Africa, DHL Supply Chain.

Keeping The Madiba Magic Alive


Each and every one of us possesses the power to uphold Nelson Mandela’s principles and uplift our communities. By sustaining a resilient spirit of hope, renouncing violence, cultivating forgiveness, fostering connections through shared experiences, and assisting others in moving beyond their past, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals. Let us seize this opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace these values and take decisive actions towards constructing a society that is characterised by compassion, fairness, and unity. In doing so, we not only keep the timeless legacy of Nelson Mandela alive but also actively contribute to his vision of a world that is improved and harmonious.

Source: The Nelson Mandela Foundation
PinkDrive | Top Click Media | FIVESTAR PR on behalf of PROJECT FLAMINGO | Alfa Destiny Communication

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