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Constructive Dismissal and Resignation

Constructive Dismissal and Resignation

A question commonly asked about constructive dismissal is – when is it applicable and will it be recognised in the eyes of the South African Labour Law. There are numerous well-documented complaints and grievances relating to employers regarding constructive dismissal and the challenges which transpire due to disagreements with management relating to performance or conduct.

Elections: Freedom of The Media and The IEC – Letter from the President

Elections: Freedom of The Media and The IEC – Letter from the President

His Excellency President Ramaphosa penned a letter to the nation on 15 April which focused on the upcoming seventh general election to be held on 29 May 2024 and the freedoms that this upholds – such as freedom of the media and an independent Electoral Court that oversees the work of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and the conduct of elections.

Freedom Day 2024 – 5 Ways to Honour Freedom Day

Freedom Day 2024 – 5 Ways to Honour Freedom Day

Freedom Day is celebrated annually on 27 April and marks the first democratic elections held in South Africa in 1994. These elections were the first time that all South Africans, regardless of race, could cast a vote. Of South Africa’s 22.7 million eligible voters, 19.7 million voted in the 1994 national election. The first democratic election marked the end of apartheid, as well as more than 300 years of colonialism and segregation. Following the elections, a new democratic government was established, led by the ANC.

Unlimited Opportunities

Public Sector Leader speaks to an audience with the highest level of authority government decision-makers. With a digital readership of 40 000 monthly, Public Sector Leader is the only specialised platform that offers a window of opportunity for marketers and communicators in both the public and private sectors to engage with a vast captive audience of senior government officials.

As a group, this audience presides over a procurement budget of more than R150 billion per annum and their requirement list includes both products and services from the corporate sector.

Their procurement decisions range from:

  • RAcquiring Technology Solutions
  • RLegal Services
  • RPerformance Tools
  • RAudit Services
  • RCommunication Solutions
  • RBuildings and Facilities
  • REnvironmental Products
  • RWaste-Management Solutions

By taking advantage of these opportunities, companies and marketers are offered a smarter way of reaching South Africa’s senior government officials. They cut through the clutter and differentiate themselves in the eyes of key senior public service Leaders. Create ROI by promoting your brand/organisation to decision makers in South Africa’s largest institution of Public Sector Leaders.

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