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The CSOS Vision is to be a Credible, World Class Regulatory Authority for Community Schemes in South Africa. The CSOS Act empowers the organisation to help create and facilitate orderly and well-managed community schemes. This is carried out by resolving disputes amongst the parties, administration of schemes governance documentation and providing regular training and education to all stakeholders. Fostering inter-relationships between the CSOS and various community schemes is critical.

The CSOS generates its revenue from levies, government grants, interest income and dispute resolutions income. Levies are the major source of revenue for the CSOS. To this end, its Mission is to ensure harmonious community schemes by providing regulation, education to all relevant stakeholders and an accessible dispute resolution service in an inclusive manner.


How have you implemented gender driven development in the workplace?

We are yet to embark on gender driven development once we have finalised a process of organisational redesign.


How has gender empowerment strengthened your organisation?

We currently have a workforce that is more female than male however we are working towards having a balanced Executive team, as well and we are hoping to reap the rewards of the focused strategic intents soon through me as a female CFO recently joining the CSOS.


What are your organisation’s gender equality and BEE ratings and policies?

We are currently in the process of developing our EE plan and the BEE rating review is still under way.


What are the current and future trends in your sector?

As a player in the property / housing regulations sector, we are looking at transformation initiatives which will empower women and youth.


What technological innovations are you using in your organisation to keep in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)?

We are currently busy with the process of sourcing our Business Automation systems and hope this will yield more productivity within the organisation with seamless integration of all our business processes.


How are you using social media to create more business?

We are currently creating more awareness of the CSOS via twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other websites.


Which female leaders inspire you the most, and why?

I am inspired by my Mother, Busisiwe Mjaji. What a resilient single mother she has been throughout my life! A motivator and a pillar of strength. I have learnt the true meaning of resilience and patience through hard work.

Another female leader that inspires me is Winnie Mandela, a female leader who led a revolution in recognition of women’s rights and gender equality and also fought for the rights of the oppressed with such courage and resilience really appeals to me, while remaining a mother to her children in the midst of struggle. It really takes a force to be reckoned with to be all that and more.


Five tips on surviving and thriving in business:

  • Having a clear vision for your business
  • Putting together a team that will be able to execute the vision and mission of your business value proposition
  • Developing a plan / strategy with clear targets, milestones and timelines
  • Being agile and resilient is key to adapting to any changes in the environment in which you operate
  • Staying abreast of any new developments within your sector of business



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